CoinYou Launches Mobile App

CoinYou Launches First Robust Non-Speculation Crypto Learning App

If you’re interested in learning about Bitcoin or Crypto on the Google Play store, you have very limited options. In fact, you only have one option, to learn how to trade. But as we all know, crypto isn’t just about speculation. There just isn’t a robust platform for learning about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto technology. That’s why we launched, to teach the people who can benefit the most from “The Future of Money”- regular people.

There are 2 billion people who don’t have bank accounts and 1 billion migrant workers who need a cross-border payment solution. These are the people who need to learn about crypto and how to avoid the many scams that exist.

CoinYou has launched it’s English version of the Android app in January and expects to launch it’s Spanish and Portuguese apps for Android and iOS in February. CoinYou has some special partnership announcements soon as well, so stay tuned.

Download the first version of the CoinYou mobile app to take free classes and read our blog articles. In the future, crypto news and price aggregators will be included. A cool feature, especially for the developing world is that app users can use public Wifi to download content and then go home and consume the content offline.

Be sure to download our app, recommend it to a friend, and leave a positive review so that we can reach more people who could benefit from crypto knowledge!

January 29, 2019

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