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How to Give Cryptocurrency This Holiday Season

I try to avoid giving useless gifts like knick-knacks that take up space in the corner of a closet. Unwanted presents are wasted cash. Particularly in the US, we have so much stuff and we are constantly being sold something. For any occasion, I tend to give something I know is needed like a gift card or cash, but that can come across as lazy inconsiderate. That is completely the opposite of the intended meaning. So, it’s time to mix it up and give some digital cash: Crypto.

Regardless of how efficient we become, there are always two things we don’t have enough of: Time and Money. So, I like to gift crypto to not only save myself some time and to give what I usually do-money, but also to introduce people I care about to the future of money. Check out this article which covers 10 reasons why crypto is important. Additionally, many of the people I give to are thousands of miles away and I can send them Crypto as a gift without any hassle. An additional perk is you can buy get a crypto gift ready at the last minute.

A story to reinforce why I choose this sort of gift

When I was a kid, I was gifted options. Commodity options. Soy beans, specifically. I am from a farming community and in order to understand the family business, I needed to understand the options market; volatility, how to manage my beans, and so much more that never occurred to me. This was before the internet could answer all of my questions and I had limited guidance as a middle school student.

I suddenly had a real incentive to figure things out for myself as a little mini business person. So, I read everything I could. I asked questions a typical pre-teen didn’t. I learned about how the weather in Brazil and China was more important than I realized. The government involvement. So many factors. I developed a higher respect for the people around me who depend on this multi-faceted, dramatic marketplace for their livelihood.

Luckily for your gift recipients, options markets are far more complex than Crypto is, but will incentive young people to understand aspects of finance for themselves. And, they’ve got to help out with questions.

How it Works

First, you have to get some crypto to give it.

I’m going to get Smartcash. First of all, I like the name. I’ve worked in education for ages and often talk about learning with the kids I give gifts to, so I am not-so-subtly reinforcing that idea with the crypto. Smart, right?

Second, it feels like you are getting a TON for your money which makes the gift feel bigger.

Finally, and probably the most important, I trust them. They are well established and in no way a scam.

Concerned about volatility? Another cryptocurrency I like that is Dai. It is a “stablecoin” tied to the US dollar so it only experiences the volatility that the dollar does. The US dollar value fluctuates, too.

For $1USD I get 44.4769738 Smartcash coins at todays rates! Seems like a lot, right?

I am using Changelly to get my Smartcash. You can go straight from USD to Smartcash here which makes it easy. Changelly has a nice user experience.

Follow the steps on Changelly to buy or trade for your Smartcash. Once you have an account set up, its literally just a couple steps to get your Smartcash. It took me less than 2 minutes.

Now, it’s time to gift it. I recommend the following options, depending on your needs (and the needs of the gift recipient).

Paper Wallets

Paper Wallets are an easy way to gift crypto. It is just what it sounds like, paper. It’s literally printed on physical paper. This is the best option for giving if you are going to be able to give a gift in person, a card or package. The paper wallet contains all relevant information needed for spending the coins. The public and private keys necessary for making transactions are printed on the paper wallet. The downside of this one is security because literally all of the information needed to get the crypto is in front of your eyes, but it could be a fun way to give some crypto then work together to access it and make it more secure.

Gift Cards

Another nice perk of Smartcash is that they offer a card! The SmartCard has no fees, is quick and easy to use just like you would a debit card — the merchant just scans the QR code. Awesome feature of the card? You don’t have to have internet for it to work! And, you can print it from home. Instant gift! For how it all works and to get one, follow this link:

Hardware Wallet

Bitcoin keys stored in a device like a USB drive are called hardware wallets. A hardware wallet is a secure, physical device not connected to the internet. They are small devices which are water and virus proof. They are convenient for sending and receiving virtual currency, have a micro storage device backup and QR code scan camera. Trezor is my preferred device.

Don’t forget to include instructions on how to use the crypto! Better yet, direct the recipient to for everything they need to know about their new crypto.

January 4, 2019

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