How to Accept Crypto on Etsy

A Beginner’s Guide To Accepting Crypto On Your Online Store

Why should you accept crypto for your online store? You open yourself up to a global customer base. Crypto has no borders, so people from literally anywhere can buy from you. Many people get paid in crypto these days and it is easier for them to spend it than convert it. I discovered stores could accept crypto on Etsy when I was looking for somewhere to spend some. To learn about the advantages of crypto such as privacy and data protection, click here.

To accept Bitcoin and other crypto on Etsy is just a two step process once you have your store setup.

You need to enable your customers to checkout without paying via the Etsy interface. Allow “Other” as a payment option to process the transaction outside of Etsy. Then, work with your new customer to do a simple crypto transaction by sending them your wallet address and waiting for the crypto to arrive.

Step 1 — Enable Crypto

Go to your Etsy Shop Manager and click on Finances then Payment Settingswhen it pops up.


Click on Enable Manual Payment Methods as shown in the photo below.

Enable Manual Payment Methods

When open, scroll down and switch on Other.

Enable other payment methods

Your customers can now checkout without using Etsy payments, all they have to do is select the Other option at checkout.

Step 2 — Get Paid

Now you need to receive your crypto. All you have to do is send the crypto address for the type of crypto you and the customer agree on and wait for them to send it to you!

If you don’t have a crypto address, can help you understand how to safely and securely manage cryptocurrency.

Once your payment is confirmed (confirmation times vary for each crypto). You will see the funds in your account.

You can also use a blockchain explorer to track the transaction and to see a history of transactions related to your wallet address.

You can now transfer the funds to a more secure wallet, pay for goods and services, send friends money, or transfer the funds to an exchange and exchange it for other cryptos.

Don’t know how? can teach you (it’s designed for beginners).

When you are ready to give it a try, Changellyis a trusted exchange where different types of digital currency can be bought and sold with your credit card.

I’m working with to reach people who need it most. My role is to teach, translate and develop multilingual curriculum to teach refugees and people without bank accounts how to send and receive Crypto.

To support my efforts with, please use the following links (it won’t cost you a thing!):

LocalBitcoin— Meet with local people or do distance peer-to-peer crypto trading.

Binance — One of the biggest exchange with many coins to trade.

CEX — A crypto exchange available for most countries in the world.

Trezor — A trusted hardware wallet to store your crypto info.

January 4, 2019

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