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How I updated my makeup bag on

I am currently visiting my family in rural Minnesota. In a town with around 300 people, there are exactly zero stores. The nearest department store is hours away, so a substantial amount of our spending is done online.

I needed new luggage. The last time I bought luggage was over a decade ago and it was time for replacements. I previously purchased my bags on and was happy with everything so I returned to the familiar and I knew would accept my crypto as payment.

The reason I’m using crypto is because it allows me to go outside of the banking system and data cartels to exchange value. Now my personal information cannot be hacked or stolen as easily as when a third party like Mastercard is an intermediary. Anonymity and privacy are two advantages of crypto in addition to it’s ease of use as a cross-border money for the internet age.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the site and found they had significantly expanded their selection to include not only housewares and luggage, but also apparel and beauty products. There’s even a holistic section.

I put the luggage shopping on the backburner and started looking for eyeliner and mascara. My mom had been asking to borrow mine daily since I arrived. She was out and mine was getting old. Plus, eye makeup isn’t something that should be shared.

So, I started shopping.

After weighing my makeup options, I added some fleece leggings that caught my eye to prepare for the Minnesota winter and avoid having to pay for shipping (I hate paying for shipping). I was ready to checkout.

I filled out the usual billing and shipping information then I got down to the payment options. Not only is Bitcoin an option, so are 11 other types of crypto!

Crypto as a payment option

I wasn’t really sure what would happen when I hit “Submit Order.” This is my first time ever buying something online with any type of cryptocurrency.

This popped up when I did.

Simple, clear and clutter free instructions. Exactly what I needed as a beginner.

I copied the Overstock Payment Address listed and logged into my Coinbaseaccount to submit payment. I could have done it from Freewallet or any number of digital wallets, but Coinbase happened to be where my crypto was.

I had 20 minutes to complete the payment. I suppose it is due to the volitility of crypto, so I wished I had logged in to my wallet ahead of time.

Coinbase payment process

I went through the coinbase steps and noticed that there would be a miner fee (gas), the crypto used to pay the miners for processing my transaction. I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t be too much.

Coinbase transaction receipt

The gas fee was pennies. $0.08 to be exact.

I did it! The crypto was on it’s way to Overstock for my mascara and fleece-lined leggings.

Completing my order on

I had to go back to, check the box that I had submitted payment and complete my order.

Within seconds I had an email from both Overstock and CoinPayments that my transaction was a success and I will be notified when it ships! $0.08 in gas was evidently plenty in order to process my transaction instantly.

Overall, selecting which product I wanted took far longer than figuring out how to pay for it with crypto. I was very pleasantly surprised by the process. It was actually faster than typing in my credit card number.

Why wait until you can pay your utilities with crypto to learn how to use it? Get ahead of the curve with the help of


Everything arrived! Delivery time was just 3 days and all of my packages came as expected.

I ended up not liking the leggings. Hit or miss buying clothes online. So, I returned them. The process was easy. I printed a return label from the website and mailed in the package.

I wasn’t exactly sure how the process would work since I paid with Bitcoin. Overstock sent me an email asking for my wallet address, I replied and they sent me a refund to my account all in less than half a day! The refund was based on the dollar value of the product so I ended up getting more Bitcoin than I initially paid for the product because the value of Bitcoin dropped in the time the transactions happened.

Again, very satisfied with the experience and customer service of Overstock.

January 9, 2019

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  2. Awesome post! I’ve been wondering about the practical uses of crypto. One small note: “gas” is only used for Ethereum. When you pay in Bitcoin, it’s just BTC, or less commonly “satoshis.”

    Do more crypto shopping and make more posts!

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