The State of CoinUnion – November 2018

The State Of CoinYou

CoinYou Crypto Learning Communitiy’s Latest News

CoinYou is gearing up for its official launch. We are almost done with our core curriculum in English and then it will be translated to Portuguese, Spanish, and German. The APP is coming along nicely. Message us if you want to help us beta test it.

CoinYou is a partner with GenisisBlock Research lab at FECAP University in Sao Paulo Brazil. We have cocreated a short presentation about how blockchain can evolve democracy. The presentation was received well by the social community. Soon it will be translated to Portuguese. Check it out below:



CoinYou is also partnering with FECAP to offer on of Brazil’s first Blockchain technology courses to be offered in the spring semester.

CoinYou has partnered with CoinBene, a Chinese exchange with a specific office for the Brazilian market. CoinYou will be helping Coinbene with a free course. You can see one of the units below:



CoinYou is co-organizing two blockchain meetups in Sao Paulo. You can sign up for them here:


This is election season, which is a good time to remember that public Blockchains can prevent corruption. Check out this animation made by CoinYou and let us know if you want to translate this into your own language:



CoinYou has been selected by to demonstrate it’s smart band technology. Stay tuned for a demo tutorial on how spending crypto (without a bank) can be easier than a credit card.


April 23, 2019

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